Riding Facilities


Attached directly to the Main Barn, the 85’ x 225’ Indoor Arena is fully insulated and maintains a comfortable temperature year round. Windows on the east side let in natural light. A six foot high tongue and grove kick rail surrounds the arena for safety. The footing is a sand, rubber and GGT (German Geo Textile) mixture. This polyester felt/fiber additive has been used in Germany for over ten years and it is also installed at the Royal Spanish Lipizzaner Riding School in Vienna. This is the same footing that has been installed in the arenas at the Kentucky Horse Park for the World Equestrian Games. There are lightweight PVC jumps and caveletti available for use in the Indoor Arena. The arena is treated with DustGuard as needed. There is a heated observation area at the south end of the Indoor Arena as well as bleachers for parents and other spectators to view lessons and activities taking place.



The Outdoor Arena, with its stunning views of the Jarre Canyon, is over three acres in size allowing for multiple lessons to take place simultaneously. There is always adequate room for flat work while other jumping or training sessions are taking place. A section of the Outdoor Arena is reserved for a regulation size dressage arena (60m x 20m). The footing is sand over a decomposed granite base. There is a full compliment of jumps available for coursework as well as gymnastics. The arena is treated with Dust Guard as necessary.



There are miles of trails on the property which are located on both sides of Jarre Creek. There is approximately 12 to 20 feet between all pasture fencing and the property line as well as trails that have been cut through some of the more rugged areas on the ranch. These trails can be used for cooling out a horse after a strenuous workout in the ring, as a relaxing respite on a beautiful day or for hill and conditioning workouts for the more serious athlete.

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For More Information or to Schedule a Tour of the Facility
Please email:  manager@tollandfalls.com