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Unique to Tolland Falls, we have no requirement for any boarder to be in a training program with any trainer.  The boarding contract is an agreement between Tolland Falls and the owner of the horse.  Care and oversight of each horse's health is monitored and managed by the Farm Foreman, and as such, both owners and trainers have the freedom to enjoy worry free horse care and can concentrate on the enjoyment of their horse, take quiet and contemplative trail rides, or direct their attention to further the education of the rider or preparation of the horse for competition. The choice to use a trainer's services for lessons or education of the horse is wholly up to the owner.


Tolland Falls welcomes trainers strictly as guests of our boarders.

Trainers are not agents, representatives or employees of Tolland Falls Ventures, Inc. All trainers are required to sign a Trainer Agreement with Tolland Falls, which includes a release of liability, a requirement to produce a certificate of insurance and acknowledgement and acceptance of Tolland Falls’ Barn Rules and Policies. Trainers may not provide any training services until all such documents are executed and received by Tolland Falls.


Tolland Falls does not accept remuneration of any kind from trainers or other professionals working at the facility. Nor, does Tolland Falls provide trainers with any privileges whatsoever. Trainers are selected and employed by the boarder for the sole benefit of enhancing their enjoyment with their horse. In their role as a professional, a trainer may make use of the facility and its amenities only while they are providing training or lesson services to a Boarder. This policy is consistently applied for all professionals providing services on the property including vets, blacksmiths and persons providing grooming services such as body clipping, etc.


To obtain a list of trainers that regularly visit the facility or information on upcoming clinics, please contact us at:

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